Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Analysis And Investigation

Beanz flies solo today and the show is heavy on analysis and investigation for the Friday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast! Thursday night, a myriad of interesting stories dropped, and Beanz takes them on one by one. First, she discusses the Catherine Herridge/Sara Carter bombshells that were released. New text messages have surfaced between Strzok and Page, that insinuate the agency was cultivating a spy inside of the administration after the election. That spy? None other than Vice President Pence’s Chief of Staff, Joshua Pitcock. Beanz uncovers a bit of an interesting timeline surrounding the incident and shares it with you during the show.

Next, she moves on to a breakdown about the John Solomon Ukraine story. This story is not going anywhere, and focuses on the Ukraine’s involvement in the “black ledger” releases in the 2016 season regarding Paul Manafort. How close to all of this was the Obama White House?

Finally, Beanz ends the show with some in depth analysis of Donald Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity last night.

Don’t miss this information and analysis heavy show with Tracy Beanz today on the Dark to Light Podcast!


Sara Carter: FBI Texts Show Agents Discussed Recruiting White House Sources To Spy For Bureau

Catherine Herridge: Strzok-Page Texts Suggested Using Post-Election Briefing To Gather Information On Trump Team

John Solomon: How The Obama White House Engaged Ukraine To Give Russia Collusion Narrative An Early Boost

Sean Hannity’s interview with Donald Trump on Fox News


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2 Responses

  1. Robert Borcherding

    Today I learned that Tracy was a singer “back in the day”, and still has a great voice. A very enjoyable podcast without the constant interruptions of “Frank” who loves hearing himself talk. Thank you Tracy, you are the STAR! Frank is your sidekick. He’s nothing more than a less charming Hannity.

  2. Tpeee60

    Thanks Beans, enjoyed the show didn’t fall asleep once. Your a gem Tracy. It’s exciting,


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