Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Thunder And Mueller

The Mueller Report dropped yesterday, so OF COURSE the Dark to Light Podcast takes Volume I head on! Frank and Tracy Beanz discuss various highlights from the first portion of the Mueller Report, with Beanz joining the show in the midst of a crazy set of thunderstorms.

The first thing they tackle are the discrepancies in what Papadopoulos told Beanz during their interview and what came out in the Mueller Report in regards to his employment at the London Center for International Law Practice. Why did P-Dop misremember….or DID he misremember?

Then, they go on to ferret out some details of the report and the cast of characters listed therein. Who is Peter Smith? What happened with Erik Prince? Who had immunity agreements? Who contradicted themselves in public reporting? What sorts of leaks were going on? More importantly, what does it all mean?

If you want a nice comprehensive breakdown of the Mueller Report with a side of Titanic, DO NOT MISS this episode of “Dark to Light”!!!

Oh, and can you believe how old William Shatner is????



Tracy Beanz’ Twitter thread on the Mueller Report: Part 1    Part 2


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  1. John Heidenreich

    Always learn something new when I listen.
    You two are hysterical…I laughed (a-lot) while enjoying the podcast.


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