Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Propaganda 20 Push 20

This week the “Dark to Light” Podcast bring you a wide ranging show, including some breaking news!

First, Frank and Tracy Beanz tackle the Politico piece that came out on Thursday which purports that a small network of Twitter accounts are unwittingly or wittingly or maybe not at all participating in a targeted disinformation campaign on behalf of foreign interests. They unpack this article and break down some interesting information about the REAL campaigns going on, funded by the left, that had ACTUAL implications on elections.

Next up….. Sexism and Women’s Rights. What do women HAVE to do? Is there anything that is typically stereotyped as “have to” that women just do because they WANT to, and are pointing these things out just perpetuating stereotypes?

From there, Frank and Beanz get into Spygate and the debacle that is Andrew McCabe. What have his recent media appearances done for the “obstruction” claims?

Finally, the two hammer it home with some talk about a new story that Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, has been wrapped up in a South Florida prostitution scandal.

It’s a DO NOT MISS week on the “Dark to Light” podcast!


Tracy Beanz Twitter thread on the Politico Twitter piece

Carroll Quigley’s Twitter thread on propaganda

Jeff Carlson of The Epoch Times on Andrew McCabe

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