Ian Beckles’ Flava In Ya Ear: Race Issues In America

This week on Flava In Ya Ear, Ian Beckles is concerned about the state of the country as it sits. The issues going on concerning race are troubling. We are living in a day where a woman running for President is accused of not being “black enough” and where a gay, black actor who was attacked is being doubted. For as much as we are progressing as a country, we sure as Hell are regressing as well.

Donald Trump is on the verge of declaring a national emergency in order to get his border wall built. We’ve had one government shutdown. We’re possibly facing a second. That’s the real issue he should be concerned with. If President Trump thinks the wall is going to stop crime or drugs from entering the country, he has another thing coming. Ian elaborates on why Trump is insane, citing the El Chapo trial and how he trafficked drugs into the country.

Ian thinks we are going to look back in 20 years on the Trump regime and question ourselves as to what we were thinking and how we survived.

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