Duffified Live: Retired Army Sgt. Adam Keys Returns After Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Adam Keys….. ADAM Keys….. ADAM KEYS!!!! The name is spoken and I hear inspiration, motivation, and drive.

Adam returns to Duffified Live to chat with Chef Brian Duffy to talk about his new love of stand up comedy and his passion for making people laugh. Oh yeah…..he just climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and hand cycled both the Boston Marathon and the Chicago marathon. I may have forgotten to mention that this was all done on 11” prosthetic legs.

Adam is a brave man, a true warrior, and a loyal being. Listening to him talk is a breath of fresh air in pride and honor. To hear him speak about his fallen brothers during his multiple tours for the Army is eye opening, especially in a day where there is so much negativity and anger.

I am a huge fan of Adam. I am excited to see what the future brings for him.

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