The Valor Hour: Valor Fighting Challenge 54 Preview

Valor Fighting Challenge 54 will take place on Saturday in Knoxville, Tennessee and get a complete preview of the fight card on this week’s episode of The Valor Hour. 

Valor Fighting Challenge matchmaker Tim Loy and Justin Watson are joined by Jeff Hobbs, Mark Laws, Greg Hopkins and Charlie Alexander to preview the entire fight card. Now before they get into previewing the fights, Tim explains why the matchup between You Tubers Andy Warski and Tonka Saw is not taking place on Saturday night at Valor Fighting Challenge 54.

After the guys go through all of the fights that will take place on Saturday in Knoxville, they turn their attention over to the UFC and preview Saturday’s UFC Brooklyn card, which will mark the UFC debut on ESPN. They discuss various aspects of the fight card and give their picks for the fights.

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5 Responses

  1. Seeing Pon

    Totally Tonkasaw’s fault, you are a true professional Tim, because of all the crap he said about you.. Good for you!

  2. SkyCrossbones

    Tim has gone above and beyond to make this happen. God and we are his witness.
    Tonks Saw is a bitch made, soy filled, limp dick, drama chasing, pathological liar.
    Glad we finally know this as a fact. It’s just unfortunate Tim and Valor Fighting had to get their time waste in order for the truth to come out.
    I hope Tonka gets sued for this, he clearly is liable.

  3. Finn

    Tonka Saw signed the fight contract with a fake name (fraud), had to get two extensions for the blood test, had a different name on the blood test paper, applied to change his name in the middle of all of this (!??), but refused/couldn’t show evidence that he had changed his name. He intentionally screwed all of this up behind the scenes so he wouldn’t have to actually fight. Continued to act tough right up to the end and so wasted a lot of money for a lot of people who bought plane tickets and hotel rooms to see this fight. Tonka hadn’t even bought a hotel room for himself nor paid any fighting fees. He never had any intention to actually fight. He scammed a lot of people out of their hard earned money.

    Classic Internet tough guy. Always challenging people to a fight and acting like he is the toughest man alive, but when someone takes him up on the challenge he pussies out in the most cowardly way possible.

    Andy Warski on the other hand didn’t do anything wrong and was ready for the fight.

    Pity Tonka pussied out.

    I am sorry Tim this wasted your time, caused you headache and ended like this.

  4. Steven UK

    I’m an MMA fan but only heard of VFC because of the Warski v Donga fight. I’m still going to buy the card because of all the hassle that Tim had to endure. I’m looking forward to it.


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