Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Cozy And Warm On Black Friday

It’s a laid back “Black Friday” episode of the “Dark to Light Podcast” with Frank and Beanz! This week, we meander around many topics, from entertainment, Stormy Daniels and the employment crisis she is facing, as well as her “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti and his exploits. We speak about the importance of accountability to our listeners and we discuss what investments we are making to bring YOU, the audience, a better production.

Then, we talk a little about John Huber, his ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and what it may mean. Frank and Beanz also get into the feelings of doubt and frustration that folks are having about the progress of prosecutions and what some of the recent mainstream media pieces may foreshadow.

Finally, we delve into the circumstances in Saudi Arabia, how there was peace across the DM, and end the show speaking about a recent measure by the Department of Education, which changes rules implemented by the Obama administration that effectively REMOVED due process for students accused of sexual assault, and how the left is reacting to that.

Buckle in with your tea and stay safe from the Black Friday hoards with the newest episode of the “Dark to Light” podcast!

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