Duffified Live: Lindsay Cady of the Mohegan Sun Connecticut

Chef Brian Duffy, Duffified LiveThis week’s guest on Duffified Live is Lindsay Cady and she…….is a BADASS! She’s a mom of two, a wife, a friend, and the Director of Creative Events and Talent Management for the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Chef Brian Duffy met Lindsay through all of the Sun Wine Fest events that he’s been invited to for the last five years. This conversation is all over everywhere with fun information from the habits of celebrities habits and how nice they may or may not be, chef and rockstar wrangling, as well as chats about family and what it takes to make an event happen.

Duffy loved this conversation because Lindsay is a person who has a great outlook and an infectious ability to keep a great conversation going. He hopes you guys like this chat as much as he did!

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