Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Russians Colluded With The FBI

On this week’s episode of “Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz,” Tracy Beanz explores the crazy spying scandal that is going on within our government.

Also on this week’s podcast, learn about the HPSCI report, Senate Intelligence Committee documents, and secret Steele “Dirty Dossier” memo no one is talking about. Plus, the ties between Robert Levinson, Oleg Deripaska, and the Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner.

This is an information packed show you don’t want to miss!

Topics referenced in the show:
– Undercover Huber on Twitter: @JohnWHuber
Thread on Senate Docs with sourcing
“Federal Judge Who Ripped Mueller Obtains Scope Memo Detailing The Russian Probe” via Fox News
– “Mueller May Have A Conflict And It Leads Directly to A Russian Oligarch” by John Solomon of The Hill

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10 Responses

  1. Divine Hammer

    Excellent reporting, as always, Tracy! I understand this tangled web so much better now, because of you. Thank you for doing the job that the MSM refuses to do. You are the REAL Media and we love you for it <3

    • elaine coniglio

      Excellent stuff, Tracy. You have no idea how much I (and I am sure many others) appreciate all of your research and your efforts to get this information out in the open. Thank you!

  2. MarioJohn

    This is awesome journalism! When all this finally “breaks” in the MSM I will tell everyone I heard it here FIRST! Thank you for putting all in perspective.

  3. MarioB

    Absolutely brilliant reporting here. You’re a beacon of light and truth in an otherwise despicable media. You take the “crazy” out of the equation for your listeners. Thank you!

  4. sam


    This is the second podcast I have listened to of you and Frank and it stopped about 1/3 the way through on both shows… no idea why.. 🙁

  5. Lynn

    I really like what you guys are doing, keep up the good work and when enough Americans are informed it will be time to take down the anti American cabal.

  6. John Lynch

    Great work Tracy! Keep feeding us the Truth. We can’t get it from the legacy media. I will keep coming back every week. I love this show! Thank you.

  7. Garcia Esteban

    Why would the Russians try to elect Donald Trump When Hillary was bending and breaking every law to sell them our Uranium and Bill was getting huge speaking fees.They practically had the front door if Hillary was elected.If anything a Trump presidency had huge potential to cause them problems over the whole affair.Nobody but an idiot would believe that.


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