In The Trenches with Ian Beckles: NFL Week 3 Recap w/Pewter Report’s Mark Cook

This week, Ian Beckles is joined by the Pewter Report‘s Mark Cook to talk about the Buccaneers 34-17 loss in Minneapolis to the Vikings Sunday. The guys talk about the lack of running game that the Bucs showed, Jameis Winston’s poor decision making, Ali Marpet’s horrible day at center and why center is a much more important position than guard where Marpet played last year, and the similarities of this game to the Week 2 loss last season to the Arizona Cardinals. The guys also asked if there is a correlation between the lack of hitting in Training Camp to the amount of injuries the Buccaneers are now facing.

Also, Ian and Mark shared their thoughts on the mixing of politics and football. Mark reflected on an NFL conference call that he was on with former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick and the things he took away from it. Mark talks about what impressed him most with Kaepernick. The guys ask a very poignant question in regards to the issue at hand: Why are athletes the only ones getting punished for using their platform for political reasons? Singers, actors, comedians, and the like never catch flack for their views so why are athletes?

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3 Responses

    • Eric

      Ian, after last night’s bucs game. I habe to ask. At what point do we get to blame the players on the field?I mean it seems no matter who’s coaching the team. Our defense seems to give up at a certain point of adversity. At what point do we get to stop blaming the coaches and actually blame the players in the field?

      Can you touch on this on your trenches podcast? Im JUST curious cause your think at some point personal pride would have to kick in no matter the play that was called. I’m seeing missed assignments all over the field on offense and defense and that’s not on the coaching staff in my opinion. That’s all the players.

      I’m sick of hearing about fire this coach and they coach. These guys haven’t forgotten how to call games. They’ve done it successfully for years. And all of a sudden they cat do it? I’m not buying that. Or maybe I’m just a stupid bucs fan. I don’t know anymore. I just know I’m sick of the bucs ruining my Sundays.

      Did you see the “pissed off ” look McCoy had on his face on the sidelines? Lol that was comical.

      Also I’m not mad at Evans for the stupid play he made. He was protecting his idiot quarterback ( I still love Jameis by the way) and je at least cares that hes getting his teeth kicked in. Showing passion. Albeit miss guided it was still passion and I liked seeing that.


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