Banter Is Coming: “Stormborn”

Banter LogoSh*t is getting real in the land of The Seven Kingdoms.

The Mother of Dragons meets with the Grandmother of Thorns as well as the Martels and the Greyjoys. They along with Tyrion and Verris form a foolproof plan on how to attack the Lannisters… we think…

Then, The Red Woman shows up and tells Daenerys about the new King in the North… You know… That guy! This is HUGE because it’s the first time that the two heros of the show have agnowledged one and other’s existence.

Cersei has a weapon to fight the dragons and Sam becomes a surgeon. Arya runs into a couple old friends. Jon Snow goes on a dangerous mission.

Nudity returns… kind of…

And Euron Greyjoy goes ham on the Martels!


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