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DC POST IMAGEAs anyone who knows me knows, I am a cannabis activist and I have a message for you at the end of tonight’s show. Two months ago, I decided to take some time away from it. I periodically do that. I’ll have something to say about that in this week’s show.

As a radio host, I have not done freestyle, which is just stream-of-consciousness radio, in a while. I needed to practice the art so it wouldn’t get rusty. This show is a 1 hour and 55 minutes of straight monologue. I guess I’ll call this piece, “Don’t Be Afraid To Fill The Void.” (Feel free to insert a dick joke right there.)

Have you ever put a broadcaster in the studio by himself with a microphone on for 2 hours and tell him to just ramble?

If you’re into that kind of radio, please check this out and if you like it, share it and pass it along!

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