Are you ready for the change?

Are you prepared for new sports, the move from indoor to outdoor or transitioning from the snow & cold to the warm weather?

With the spring comes a time of transition and you had better be prepared.

Look at any of the major sports and you will see a training camp or preseason period that is specifically designed to progressively help players get ready to perform at their very best when the season starts. Top performance and injury prevention are the two main priorities here.

So, as we transition into spring doesn’t it make sense that you prepare as well?

Take the time to get ready for any indoor to outdoor transitions or as you get set for your spring and summer sports.

This week on Krush Performance I’d like to do exactly that, take some time to get set up for the spring & summer.

Here is what we are working on:

The Krush War on Sugar:

The World Health Organization just Announced the latest obesity data and its NOT GOOD!!!!

The analysis estimates that nearly 880 million adults and 159 million children lived with obesity in 2022.

Obesity rates among children and adolescents worldwide increased fourfold from 1990 to 2022, while obesity rates among adults more than doubled.

Coming this spring, we will break down the data, look at why human health is changing so rapidly and we discuss what you can do RIGHT Now to protect yourself & your kids.

Spring Baseball: Are you Ready?

As the Baseball season gets underway here is what I can promise you, once the throwing starts and games begin medical clinics across the nation will be flooded with shoulder and elbow issues!

Some of them will be minor some will be major but the VAST majority are preventable if you just take the time to properly prepare for the season.

To help you avoid falling victim to injury and to increase your performance we are going to talk to some of the top minds the Game.

Plus we’ll share the Krush Teams, players and stories we are following this season, there is so much going on in the game right now.

We’ll discuss.


Perception is the Krush Theme for 2024 and I’m looking forward to continuing our deep dive into what I believe is one of the most influential aspects of sport performance.

Over the course of this entire 2024 Krush Season we will visit with some of the worlds top experts to get a full understanding of perception and its roll in Athlete & Player Development and in Human Performance at large.

Then as we roll into summer we’ll look at:

· The Paris Olympics
· The Hockey Off Season
· The NHL & NBA Post Season & Championships
· And we’ll continue to look into our “Creating Coachable Players Program”, I believe it is going to be a game changers for so many athletes and coaches out there. Super fun stuff.
If you have any topics you would like us to discuss let me know – info @ush performance.

We always say look back to Learn – look forward TO PLAN and right now – be in the Moment.

I challenge you to look back on your last season & learn a s much as you can, look forward to clearly see where you want to go and then put it all together. Write it out, get a calendar or a note book and map your performance plan.

Because Problem Solving and Decision Making are two of the most important skills you can have when you are Creating Coachable Player.

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