We did a little of everything today. We start off with happy, move into love, then move into extraordinary. We have some more fun with Grok, see what George Santos is up to, and move in to the reinstatement of Alex Jones and Owen Schroyer. Make sure to check the show notes today!

The baby! https://twitter.com/AncestorAligned/status/1733973747793588715
God sends an eagle, and healing: https://twitter.com/playteaux/status/1731552234456920296
Deep Capture with something crazy: https://www.deepcapture.com/2023/12/extortionist-jack-smith-is-being-extorted-to-pursue-trump/
Vivek takes a pee: https://twitter.com/MarioNawfal/status/1733981315299700852

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