The Patriots With Grit podcast/video show co-hosts address raising awareness on medical freedom/public education; moms exposing Child Protective Services corruption; accidentally coming together at a garage-held anti-mask group; focusing on freedoms, rights, Constitutional discussions, exposing judicial system corruption; unaware people conned by the news media; Randy’s conservative conversion/Daryn’s voting revelations; show name/show preparation/show experiences; dealing with truth deniers; the power of a parallel economy; saving our nation.

Information for Daryn Ross & Randy Mansell:
Patriots With Grit is on most major podcast platforms, foremost Rumble (videos) and Apple (podcasts).

Upcoming Podcasts:
James Bostick, host of A Conservative Perspective (available 12/19); Pastor Greg Young; Morgan Brittany; Donna Fiducia & Don Neuen.

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