In honor of the kickoff of NFL season, this week’s Rock Stops Here is a double guest episode!

SiriusXM NFL Radio co-host Pat Kirwan shares his stories of going from a high school coach to the NFL and then up to the front office and then transitioning to broadcasting. Pat worked for the Cardinals, Bucs, and Jets. He’s also an accomplished author—quite a success story.

Anthony Becht tells Rock how pumped he is to be the new head coach of the XFL St. Louis Battlehawks. Anthony was an NFL tight end for the Bucs, Rams, Cardinals, and Chiefs. He’s worked for many broadcasting companies including ESPN. Anthony tells Rock why he feels the XFL will work this time.

Finally, Rock finishes by talking about all the Tom Brady drama outside of the Bucs facility and what it was like to play 9 innings in a baseball game on a major league field.

Rock hadn’t played baseball in 15 years!!!!!

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