Curt Menefee is best known for hosting Fox NFL Sunday but he’s done just about everything from hosting to play-by-play at Fox Sports. He started out as a radio DJ in college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and continued in broadcasting as a sports anchor/reporter in markets like Madison, Jacksonville, Dallas, and New York.

Curt tells Rock about his play-by-play work for Fox’s NFL Europe and Fox NFL games and how he made it to hosting one of the most popular shows on TV, Fox NFL Sunday.

What’s it like on Sundays at the LA studios with the likes of Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, and Jimmy Johnson? Do they all get along and bust chops? What’s Curt’s advice for making it in broadcasting?

Finally, Rock goes in-depth on what it’s like to be back having access to the Bucs NFL Training camp and more!

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