United Patriots Uprising: Letting It Fly Talking All Things Politics

United Patriots UprisingImagine sitting around and diving deep into politics with renown professionals in the know. That’s exactly what I did, winging it with guests I have friendships with on and off the air: former Fox News anchor DONNA FIDUCIA, co-host with Don Neuen of the radio/TV/podcast internet show, “Cowboy Logic”; investigative journalist TRACY BEANZ, editor of “Uncover DC” and host of the “Dark to Light” podcast; RON EDWARDS, host of The Ron Edwards American Experience talk radio show; and former CIA operative/national security authority CLARE LOPEZ, president of Lopez Liberty LLC.

Information for this episode guests:
Donna Fiducia: CowboyLogic.us | Gettr
Tracy Beanz: LinkTree
Ron Edwards: TheRonEdwards.com | K Star Talk Radio Network
Clare Lopez: Telegram (Lopez Liberty) | Twitter

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