Dark To Light: We Circle It All

Today’s show hits it all….. lawsuits, COVID, vaccines, Rittenhouse, and culture. We discuss a few lawsuits in-depth, we listen to some clips from the Rittenhouse trial, and we end the show with the slow degeneracy into what they wish was the “new normal”.

Check the links in the description box below.


UncoverDC.com: Doxxed by dossier in Scottsdale – Parents outraged and terrified

CitizenFreePress.com: Huge win in Loudoun County

Libs Of Tik Tok in Twitter normalizing pedophilia

Sentara Healthcare

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Tomasits

    The AMA is totally under the influence of the Rockefeller Foundation. Why do you think there are no other alternative methodologies. If it hasn’t been derived from some oil derivative or chemical distillate, it’s not going to be used as a treatment. Yes I said treatment. there aren’t any cures! I’m going thru cancer treatment myself. They want to repeat testing for a third time. Bleed that insurance, also me,they want weekly blood testing when my marrow already has limited capacity. Modern Medieval.

  2. Regina Mouradian

    Hi Tracy,
    this is Regina Mouradian, I have posted a few articles on Adam’s website The Washington Pundit and recently wrote a book about 6 months ago about Sergei Millian called Dragon Games. I wrote a short article for TWPundit about his story.
    I would love to talk to you about the story if you ever had time. Let me know.
    Keep up the fantastic research and your great podcasts. Enjoy your show.
    Warm regards,
    Regina Mouradian


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