Krush Performance: The Science of Sweetness Episode 5: Hijacking Your Brain – Food Control & Brain Energetics


Is the food you are eating hijacking your brain function, brain performance, and perhaps even your brain health? This week, we break down the latest research as we dislodge profit-driven data and layout how the food you eat really works once it gets in your body.

We are joined by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Research Institute, as we share our approach – not to eliminate foods from your diet but to FIX THEM!

We’ll start to explain how we have worked to break the code to understand the Burn Rate, brain energetics, fuel partitioning, and the metabolic index.

We will answer some of the fantastic nutrition and SOS questions sent in by you, our audience.

Join us as we work towards solutions. It’s neuroscience, physiology, psychology, and it’s evolutionary. Let’s get our food chain and our bodies back in synch.

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