Dark To Light: It’s a Fast Pitch Show

Busy show today! What is in the air around the world this week? We start the show by talking about parents who just can’t help themselves, and then on to the gas shortage and some SC news.

From there we go into detail about a new study from MIT that gives all the kudos to anti-maskers when it comes to science. Then, on to a piece that demonizes the indie journalist, and we wrap the show with a presser from the now removed Liz Cheney. Yay!

All this in an hour on the Dark to Light Podcast!

Arizona Informer Channel: https://t.me/azinformer
Dr. Kelli Ward update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fWHY1u_BzE
Thread on MIT: https://twitter.com/commieleejones/status/1391754136031477760?s=20
Study itself: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.07993.pdf
Bailey Documents: https://www.depernolaw.com/bailey-documents—may-2021.html
Rock The Read: http://RocktheRed.com

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  1. Nathaniel

    Just a quick note about the M.I.T. study you read from: each of the points you mentioned–and the paper overall–is intended as a negative, with the scientific rigors of the people observed repeatedly described as deceptive malpractice and a targeted, propagandistic use of charts and graphs. None of their points is complimentary, essentially saying that, at best, anti-maskers go through the motions of diligent and thoughtful research but are ultimately ignorant of their own ignorance of proper data analysis.


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