Dark To Light: Gen. Michael T. Flynn

Frank and Tracy Beanz are HONORED to present to the Dark to Light audience, our interview with three-star general and American patriot, General Michael T. Flynn.

General Flynn has shaped the country in numerous ways over his career and Frank and Beanz speak with this distinguished guest on a myriad of topics, from the politicization of intelligence, to what it was like telling the truth about terrorism in the Obama administration, to election fraud, his case, and more during this wide-ranging interview.

Make sure not to miss a second of this slightly extended Dark to Light podcast.

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9 Responses

  1. Tammy

    Absolutely feeling out about this interview. Love that you had General Flynn on and loved hearing his educated take on everything.

    • Maka

      Agreed. Brilliance and light! Hole for freedom and liberty for humanity❤️

    • Jerry

      What a great interview keep it up we need more truth out there love you guys Tracy and frank im 70 years old a young 70 still involved in my town and with 9 grandchildren heavey involved in the local school general Flynn was right you got to keep an eye on what they are teaching our kids we are in New Jersey and with partially remote learning it’s not working well I’m wishing for the best a expected the worst , they know me I’m like a thorn and they know we are watching them

  2. Patriot granny

    I was so disappointed in this interview. Our election was STOLEN by foreign countries and traitors within. The MILITARY needs to DO THEIR JOB and enforce our constitution. If they are not going to uphold our constitution what good is voting?? Its rigged.

    • Denham Fields

      I fully agree. The apathy among Republicans is alarming. A corrupt election. The Democrats have destroyed the election process of the United States of America in one fell swoop . They are continuing their new ways in Iowa. A well executed plan and no one bats an eye.

      Where is the military? What would the U.S troops in the World Wars have thought of this? I honestly hoped for military intervention.
      Face it. This election was worse than any 3rd world Banana republic.
      The Republican Party gets the Neville Chamberlain award. The situation is not too dissimilar.

  3. Danielle H.

    When someone speaks of our country, you can absolutely hear whether they genuinely love our country or if they are only pushing an agenda. General Flynn has alot to say, he really would be amazing having his own podcast. I to like Tracy, enjoy listening to him speak.

  4. RoseThistle

    Great interview! It is so good to hear from someone with his experience in the Military field, as well as with Washington DC. He gives some good food for thought and ideas for actions that people can take locally. Thank you, Frank ‘n’ Beanz!

  5. Bre Isaacson

    Great show! Keep up the awesome work!

    -Bre Isaacson
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  6. Coffee

    Hahaha! Yeah I guess this was one song we all can relate to. 90s kid too? Aqua and vengaboys were so popular back then. It makes me wonder why!


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