Dark To Light: Overt Ideology

It’s our Wednesday show and we begin by talking about the Arizona audit and hop into education, Covid, politics, and how we can make a difference.

We also make sure to talk about our new Telegram room! PLEASE make sure you join! The water is nice! (https://t.me/DarktoLightPodcast)

On Friday we will be joined by Kash Patel, an interview we are really looking forward to.

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Dark To Light’s Telegram Room (https://t.me/DarktoLightPodcast)

Fox8 Cleveland: School district closes because of vaccine reactions

Reclaim The Net: Twitter sues Texas AG to avoid investigation into its censorship practices

The Federalist Papers: Fauci goes full Orwell, claims the reason the country can’t reopen is political ideology, not the virus

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