Dark To Light: High Crimes & Bleeding Mascara

Frank is taking a solo flight in this episode as Tracy settles back into normalcy on the East Coast. The President continues to see his landslide victory slowly and methodically evaporated into nothing.

The media continues to refuse to cover his addresses while promoting the cartoonish failure of a man who ran against him. Will the courts be Donald Trump’s saving grace or will this wildly popular President see his time in office finally ended by a band of lawless animals?

This is a spicy episode.

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3 Responses

  1. mark kuney

    BREAKING NEWS !!! JUST IN !!! Georgia Postal worker goes back and retrieves 4 boxes of mail-in ballots totaling five-thousand more votes, all for Joe Biden. When spotted and questioned by tourists visiting the Georgia Guide-Stones, he replied, “I was just looking for a quiet place to have my lunch and had removed them from my truck to sit on. When I went to throw my garbage away, (not specifically defining “his” garbage) I just walked to the truck and forgot about the boxes so I came back.” The tourists relating that they had once left their chairs at an outdoor concert they had attended once, watched as the postal worker went to light his cigarette, but the whole pack of matches lit up while the unlit cigarette hung from his lips, he threw the burning matches quickly, before burning his fingers into the trash can, which in a matter of seconds was fully engulfed in flames. He watched it a few minutes shook the can, it briefly flared up again, until only ashes were left smoldering. The tourists reported he told them about being a boy-scout and how, “He felt it his duty to make sure the Fire Was Out.” He then retrieved his lunch boxed-ballot chairs loaded them in his truck and drove off….. THANK YOU FRANK ! THANK YOU TRACY ! We Love You

  2. Andrés

    New listener on this platform, but a long time listener on YT. Thanks for your great insight Frank! I thought the bread and circus of my country was unsurpassable (México) until the democRATS proved me wrong. It’s a shame what’s happening to all of my American brothers and sisters who have to endure this attack on their spirit more than anything else.
    Sometimes it seems they’re willing to go wherever possible to abolish the hope and stump on the always increasing anxiety of the people nonstop. Keep your good work rolling and never be discouraged. I salute you.
    Greetings from Monterrey, México

  3. Miles Maybee

    In the last four years of the administration of our duly elected and dearly beloved President Donald John Trump, no-one can cite an example of his stating illegal or immoral behavior by his enemies without his having proof thereof in advance. Don’t think for a moment that he lacks proof of election cheating, rather be assured it is massive and irrefutable.


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