Dark To Light: October Pretenders & A Great Awakening

Today on the Dark To Light Podcast, Nancy Pelosi improvises a new coup, Joe Biden avoids admitting he’ll destroy the Constitution once and for all, the useless FBI thwarts a “kidnapping,” and Mark Levin spits fire.

Also, as a special Friday Inspiration treat, Frank (who is flying solo for this episode) shares a portion of an interview with Mikki Willis, a man whose personal political awakening has landed him in the middle of a fight for the soul of the country and the planet.

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  1. Patti d

    …. So many of us former dems really were feed the blue pill. thinking it was red. There’s absolutely wrong believing in people to espouse being good, fair, caring for the less fortunate & of course they’re watching after us. Their programs sounded good and certainly well worth the time and money. When I really, really went into the dem programs efficiency , who the people were, how much cash for decades, the contractors, all state and federal departments and then asking “howz it all going now?” … is when a part of ones brain falls out through your ears. .. In the midst of all of that, … it’s becoming clearer in your personal life through the years of the fake flags, bad actors and shenanigans. when out of nowhere the biggest super nova hits and you realize, finally know & embrace the ……”Omg …..it’s all lies … the whole program” With All Caps. After that, … the quantum leap is such a better place to live. Because, … the demons are exposed, the minions look more ridiculous than ever and their game book has been played out. They’ve got tricks but no new game. We’ve got a momentum here like I have never felt before on this planet. It is real. The global jump for us is most certainly a spiritual collision with dark to light. It has never been as bright as it is right now…….. Not saying it’s going to be a cake walk. But there is The Hand of God in all of this because “we’ve called Him in collectively in such a great way” like never before. That’s what most of humans do when there is no where else to go and it looks like no one has the answer? We stop,, we pray, we ask for help and we keep doing it.
    It’s different than when we hit a wall .. hard, fall to our spiritual knees ,… maybe in a corner of a room and we beg for some personal help … for a few very sincere minutes… some light comes in,.. we get some newer perspectives with a soothing consolment & we stand back up, dust our knees off, go wash our face and maybe blow our nose and go on… got it out … feel better…. new game plan.
    ….This time …. with really no place to go, …many, many did/do feel such concern not only for our selves, family and community …. we felt it for the whole world …….collectively …simultaneously. This is what I think this leap is all about …… We’ve all been calling in God to our lives, … & A great big team of world players have shown up for us that are kicking butt and taking names …. like we’ve never seen before. They are all God loving, too.
    ….We are All created by God as is this earth. It was given to us. ……. and right now we have to take it back. We haven’t ever lived here as the Original Designer, God, intended for us. Their phakeen gig is up. We see them. It’s getting easier and easier to see them. So Frankly, as I see it and I hope you don’t mind me going on n on ..anyway, …
    ….We just keep praying, being kind genuinely, clean our own worlds up … one foot in front of the other and keep moving, Kick fear to the curb. When we have God/Jesus in our side pocket. we’ll be okay …… no matter how freaky it looks. Ok, after a full day of watching and reading, I felt like I had to write to you because I just watched your today utube and listened to this. I am forever grateful for your work……..and if I ever see you get too much of a big head or start buying Lamborghinies & castles or act like a better than … I’m coming over there. Thanks again. Peace out, Patti d


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