Live Bold & Boss Up: Staying Relevant During A Pandemic, Cultural Marketing, And D&I With George Zwierko

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph & Ash talk to creative, multi-cultural marketing professional, George Zwierko, in today’s show. George sheds some major light on how marketing has changed post-COVID and they have some great conversation on keeping relevant during a pandemic, cultural marketing, and D&I. Listen up!

Boss Bites

•     Pre-Covid: Marketing has been a part of history, often nostalgic & part of history.

•     Cancel Culture isn’t new, but it is REAL. Brands are under a microscope and people can see through false promises. Now more than ever we need to stick to by our brand values, mission, and promise.

•     What have we learned during COVID? It has changed the way we are communicating. Views are polarized – political, racially, economically, clinically, educationally. The human condition is requiring us to look at ourselves.

•     In order for brands to stay relevant, they have to look at their messaging through a different lense and examine their impact their brand has on society. Multi-cultural marketing goes way beyond a picture or writing, it’s a feeling.

•      Diversity & Inclusion is top-of-mind for organizations of all sizes.

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