Live Bold & Boss Up: Negotiating From The Inside Out With Clint Babcock

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph and Ash sit down with Sandler Sales & Training expert, Clint Babcock. Clint recently released a book called “Negotiating From The Inside Out.” This book is for anyone in sales, leadership, and just going thru life. Clint gives some major Boss Bites on how to be a master negotiator and understanding the other party you are negotiating with.

Boss Bites:
• Kids are MASTER negotiators – they play on emotions
• Know the DISC profile – understand what you are and know the person you are negotiating with
• Competitive vs Cooperative negotiations – be a better buyer
• You will negotiate less with someone you have a strong relationship with – BOOM!
• 3 types of negotiators: Amateur, Tactical, Strategic

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