Dark To Light: My Dad Wasn’t That Important

Today, we cap off the week on a show sponsored by Mova Globes, talking about the DNC Convention held yesterday at a funeral for John Lewis, which no other American family is allowed to have.

We talk about the importance of voting in person this election and the second half of the show is spent discussing newly released Jeffrey Epstein documents. What really is the deal with Dershowitz?

Busy show to cap off a busy week today on the Dark to Light Podcast.

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UncoverDC.com: David Boies – Dershowitz claimed he bullied ABC to drop the Epstein story

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  1. Valentina

    Why Stephen Hawking was there? —
    Scientists were invited to the island to be compromised in order to comply to official politics. It doesn’t mean everybody participated in orgies, but screwy photographs are enough to blackmail conscious people. You see, official science is politicized too. You see it now with biology and health care.


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