Krush Performance: Performance Thinking – The Mind Game of Top Performance


What are you thinking? What you think about directly influences how you perform! Unfortunately, most of us are thinking of the wrong things at the wrong times.

This week, we talk to Krush favorite Dr. Jacques Dallaire of Performance Prime as we reflect on his forty-nine years in the world of top performance and all of the performance issues top performances face and what we have learned to help them overcome the roadblocks and hurdles to perform at the highest possible levels.

What do you control? What is out of your control?

There is a simple formula that Dr. Dallaire uses to help us understand what is important and deserves our attention and what is not important and sabotages our efforts.

We unveil the “Holy Grail” of human performance with Dr. Jacques Dallaire….. and it’s not what you think.

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