Dark To Light: Covid, Genuflecting, Rosenstein, and FIRE

Today is an ACTION-packed show, full of information. It is one that mandates you look at the show notes. First, we go through a groundbreaking new article that lists all of the now disproven COVID-19 mantras that have destroyed our economy and our culture. READ IT.

Next, we talk about white people kneeling down before black people to apologize for things they never did and listen to two amazing black women speak about it. After that, we touch on Candace Owens HARD HITTING video, where she lays out what she sees as wrong with black culture and how we are acting, using facts, data, and information.

Lastly, the Rod Rosenstein hearings. What happened? What do they mean? What is an overlooked observation about it all?

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MUST READ article from SOTT.net about COVID-19

Black women tell you to stop it

Candace Owens brings down the house

Shipwrecked Crew Brings Down the House on UncoverDC.com: Rosenstein and McCabe spar before a biased referee


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