Dark To Light: Beanz Flies Solo & Breaks Down The DNC Leak

Beanz flies solo on this Monday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast and it is a jam packed episode indeed. She starts with some talk about the next week at CPAC and then dives right in to the 2020 election and what happened last week with Assange and Rohrbacher.

Beanz weaves the tale of Comey’s intervention to stop an agreement between Assange and the US government, which involved a cast of characters that have become all too familiar. Then, she tangentially brings in a number of topics, including Seth Rich, Wikileaks, and some audio from Sy Hersch many people have heard, but some probably haven’t.

It’s an information heavy show because that’s all Beanz knows how to do! Hang on to your seats for a Dark to Light podcast you may need your notebook to process!



Sy Hersch audio

Hannity and Rohrbacher

CPAC 2020

John Solomon on James Comey


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