Dark To Light: Oscar Is A Grouch

It’s Monday and that means an all new episode of the Dark to Light Podcast! Frank and Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC.com start the show talking about the Oscars but surprisingly the Oscars blends in to so much more. There are discussions about the new “doctored” video claims in regards to Pelosi ripping up the SOTU ensues, a thread from Benny at Turning Point that everyone should hear, the election and primaries, the case of General Flynn, and we end with some more information on Coronavirus and what is happening in NYC with the NYPD and Deblasio.

Whew…….that’s a lot!

It is a super fiesty Monday edition of the Dark To Light Podcast! Thanks for listening!


Attorney General William Barr announces indictments on four Chinese military hackers

Turning Point USA on video of Nancy Pelosi ripping up the State Of The Union address

The Justice Department has started vetting Rudy Guiliani’s information on the Bidens

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