Krush Performance: Raising Potential – The Long Game of Maximizing Sport Performance


Raising the potential of an athlete is a long game. There are NO short cuts!

Athlete and player development, when done correctly, you can get the best of both world – short term gains that push future performance upward. If done incorrectly, you may get some immediate performance gains but you run the great risk of sacrificing future potential, increasing the risk of injury, burnout and athlete dropout from organized sport.

The information and data surrounding talent development, performance, and long-term planning is all out there and available for anyone who is interested in truly finding out how good they can really become. Athlete and player training is all about preparing an individual for the next phase of development.

We start by clearly understanding where the athlete is currently at, how they respond to training, and all of the unique factors that influence progressive development.

In this week’s episode of Krush Performance, we are talking raising potential and how you can plan for the long game of athlete and player development.

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