Krush Performance: Pro Nutrition, The Krush War on Sugar, & Super Bowl Chow-Down

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWIt’s Superbowl weekend! A great time to talk performance nutrition as we set up our 2020 Krush War on Sugar. We’ll take a look at what we are eating on the second biggest food day of the year just behind Thanksgiving….Super Bowl Sunday. How many billion wings? How many million gallons of beer? We’ll hit on it all.

This week, we talk pro nutrition with Ricky Ng, Performance Nutrition Director for the Las Vegas Raiders. We discuss the challenges of feeding an NFL roster, the importance of getting to know the players and how the pros are planning their feedings. We’ll talk to Ricky about the dangers of fad diets for athletes, hydration, and of course, we have to ask how the Raiders move to Las Vegas is coming along.

Also, we set up our 2020 Krush War on Sugar campaign with a review of what we know and what we need to be aware of when it comes to sugar in our diets.

Finally, we ask the question: In your opinion, what is the best sporting event on the sport calendar?

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