Dark To Light: It’s More Serious Than They Are Telling You

Usually Mondays are laid back but today, that isn’t the case. Frank and Beanz get into the reasons behind impeachment, and no, not the ones you’ve been told, the ACTUAL reasons. This is a long discussion which encompasses an entire group of topics, ranging from why they chose the witnesses they did, how the leaker came to be, what is happening in Ukraine, and most importantly, what you need to start doing to make sure that we don’t lose the country.

Also, ABC News is now the subject of a letter from the House Minority leader, the Leader of the Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Relations committee. Will they answer the questions posed by congress?

Finally, the show ends with some lighthearted banter.

This is one of the more important podcasts we have done thus far. Don’t miss a second of it!



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