Dark To Light: Rules For Thee But Not For Me

FIERY FRIDAY time on the Dark to Light Podcast! What is the reason for the smears against decorated war heroes and amazing, strong, just, constitutional representatives working hard to save the country? Frank and Beanz will get in to some of the tactics being used by the media and their cronies right now and what they mean moving forward. We will discuss a New York Times article that completely slanders and smears ONE Purple Heart recipient, in favor of another, ALL WHILE they tell YOU not to do the same.

Next, it’s time for clips, because we are going to talk about some more hypocrisy. How can we tell we may be winning the culture war? Listen to some of what happened on The View.

Then, we hear the President make a very interesting statement outside of Air Force One, and Megyn Kelley sits down with another “whistleblower,” this time one who didn’t defend the dark power establishment, so is expendable.

Rules for thee, but not for me is the theme of the show today! You won’t want to miss this!



What are they doing to Rep. Jim Jordan?

The New York Times smears LTC Jim Vindman

President Donald Trump says he isn’t concerned with testimony


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One Response

  1. Eve Goodson

    Hey guys,
    At around 53:00 mins of this podcast you’re both talking about how ‘fed up’ you and everyone is with all the Dem/Liberal/Leftist crap and incredible mind bending amount of corruption going on. I am too but let’s look at it from a ‘cup half full’ perspective and realize that while we’ve known about the corruption for years, it’s only been since Trump was elected that we really know how bad it is and it’s only been 3 years since it’s come out in the open and hit the main stream.

    Think about it, this is the first time in modern American political history (say past 100 years) the pile of cow dung is beginning to be cleared out and only in 3 years. Decades of corruption so deep and for so long that the people operating in it probably believe it’s as normal as brushing your teeth and don’t think they’re doing anything wrong.

    When I look at from this perspective, I’m truly excited about how much more we’re all going to find out which could honestly take years to unravel. Most days I’m literally laughing out loud at the absurdity of the Dems and cohorts scurrying about trying to patch up the the daily exposure of their true behavior.

    It will take years of 24/7 being energetic and alert to permanently beat down the rot and right now, we are winning bigly.

    Trump had better win 2020 or we’re all screwed.



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