Dark To Light: Zach is Back, Google Cold Fusion, and Social Credit Score

We are honored to be joined by Zack Vorhies, the brave whistleblower who provided documents to Project Veritas and blew the whistle on Google. We start out by introducing you to the relationship between Google and China. Are they still working on any projects with them or a social credit score?

Next, we learn how AI is evolving, what plans Google has in store and how they intend to use it, and who will have access to it.
Finally, we end the show with a huge breaking story: Google and Cold Fusion, or free energy – What is it? What did Zach discover while working at Google? What are the implications moving forward?

We get a bit technical and science like on today’s show but we hope you enjoy it!

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2 Responses

  1. Eve Goodson

    Wow guys that podcast was one of your best. You must bring Zack back on again and talk more about these topics and how it relates to the dark side of Google. I especially like how you all explain AI, cold fusion, the global energy supply etc in very simple terms so lil ol the rest of us can understand. I’ve tried looking up these topics and with my ADD, my mind wanders off within minutes but here you had me glued for the whole hour, hanging off every word and was mildly disappointed when time was up. Kind of like the disappointment you get on your last mouthful of the best dinner ever.

    I listen to all your podcasts and most of both your videos but this particular conversation was by far my favourite. Well done.


  2. Lori

    This episode gave me the chills and I kept thinking I was watching “The man in the High Castle” in real life. If you haven’t seen that movie…you must watch it. Amazon carries it, but it is about China taking over 1/2 the USA and Nazi Germany taking over the other 1/2 and they were secretly experimenting with Energy, etc. Seriously, very eerie how similar these stories are.


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