Krush Performance: What Were You Thinking?


Would you like to know what the world’s top performers are thinking in their moments of brilliance? Have you ever had a great day? A great performance? Have you ever been in that zone where everything goes right?

We’ve all had experiences like this. If you think back to that time, can you remember what you were thinking?

Your thoughts have great influence over your actions and your ability to perform.

I don’t think we spend enough time teaching our athletes, employees, students, children how to think properly. It’s a craft and it revolves around WHAT you are thinking about. We get caught up thinking about the results or the outcomes rather than focusing on the process or the task at hand.

Today, we revisit one of our favorite Krush Conversations with Dr. Jacques Dallaire of Performance Prime.

We discuss:

  • What you should be thinking about
  • What the top performers are thinking in their moments of Brilliance
  • What Good Coaches are focusing on to help their athletes perform
  • And how you can focus your thoughts for top performance.

It’s impossible to have two thoughts simultaneously and allowing distracting thoughts in can take your performance to places you really do not want it to go.

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