Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Beto, Cummings, and Everything Racist

On today’s show, we go through a hodge-podge of topics. We start off with an Op Ed that Beanz wrote for UncoverDC, which talks about the censoring of real information and how it is affecting truth tellers everywhere.

Frank and Beanz talk about how they removed 8ch from the web and why it appears that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram remained safe.

Then, its the topic of white supremacy and discuss Tucker Carlson’s comments from his show that have everyone up in arms. Next, Peter Strzok’s lawsuit against the DOJ and talk about the lack of a motivation to prosecute leakers.

They also discuss the story about True the Vote and Elijah Cummings and why it is important to be very careful about who we let take our guns.

Finally, why is it OK for an elected official to doxx Americans who made political donations?

All of this and much, much more on a busy Wednesday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast!



Tiffany Fitzhenry: Behind The Illusion – Ellen Degeneres

Undercover Huber: “69% of all adults say they’ve lost trust in the media in the last 10 years.”

Ronna McDaniel: Joaquin Castro defending the “target list” of Donald Trump supporters that he tweeted

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller: The FBI not punishing leakers of information

New York Post: Feds probing AOC’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti after sudden resignation


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