Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: UncoverDC, The IRA, And Rich

It is a SUPER packed Wednesday show and we are so glad you are joining us. We start off by announcing the launch of a new Tracy Beanz venture – a place where you can come for ACTUAL journalism – UncoverDC.com. There are some amazing things ahead. You can swing by, subscribe, and also find links to the show on the website under the heading “Podcast.”

Then, it’s off to the races! Frank brings up a headline from Michael Isikoff of “Spygate” fame. The article states that the Seth Rich conspiracy was one big Russian disinformation campaign started by the IRA. What a can of worms this opens up!

From there the pair talk about Hamilton 68, a recent court opinion in the Concord Management case that blows the entire IRA/Mueller angle to smithereens, and an old story Tracy worked on years ago that lends credence to the idea that Jack Burkman may have had a part in the narrative.

Finally, it’s a bounce to the new developments in the Gen. Michael Flynn case and off to talk about Kevin Spacey’s criminal trial and a fake news headline making the rounds that needs quieting!

This show is literally jam packed so don’t miss a second of the Dark to Light podcast!



Tracy Beanz’ Twitter: “The List of 200” and voter fraud

Background to “The List of 200” and voter fraud

Columbia Journal Review: “The Media Today – Are Russian Trolls Behind Everything?”

Tracy Beanz’ Twitter: “No proof to link the IRA and the Russian government”

Tracy Beanz’ YouTube: “The Mueller Investigation: Is there more to Gates?”

Tracy Beanz’ YouTube: “In Depth: Another Burkman Attempt And The Lawsuit”

TechnoFog’s Twitter: “BREAKING – DOJ reverses position on General Flynn in the Flynn Intel Group FARA case”


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2 Responses

  1. PJ

    Ok I sent Tracy an email yesterday about the Michael Isikoff story & the comment from a fourth year resident who assisted in the Seth Rich surgery (( I verified easily his identity) when he was brought to WHC, but not a word back from her. I usually could care less about crickets but today the very next day this podcast is about the same subject. After hearing so much about loyalty and reading tweet after tweet about people and acknowledging supporters I must say it’s pretty hypocritical to not respond to a supporter who has helped you. You just lost a supporter.

    • Rosalie

      What do YOU know about loyalty? Looks like nothing. You quit because you didn’t get immediate response. What does that say about you? Humm…

      Tracy & Frank…found your podcast one month ago and it’s already my favorite. Keep up the good work!


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