Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Whistleblowers

This is probably one of our most important shows yet. We get right down to business. Beanz tells us about the FBI whistleblower Scott MacDonald, whom she spoke to yesterday regarding his observations of the mishandling of electronic surveillance at the FBI back in 2010. The pair review the case for you and share some of the highlights of the interview.

Next, a major breaking story. Beanz share the tale of CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who was the creator of the infamous surveillance tool known as “The Hammer.” She has been in communication with Dennis Montgomery for several months and details the important revelation he made yesterday evening and shares her thoughts on reporting philosophy and other items that she feels are really important for all of you to know.

After that, they dive into yet another whistleblower situation, the case of Natalie Edwards. Natalie was charged with leaking FinCEN records to Jason Leopold of Buzzfeed. She claims she is a whistleblower and there are some really interesting pieces to this case that you will learn as you listen to the show.

The pair close out on a lighthearted note with some jokes and fun. This is a huge episode. Don’t miss it!


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