Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: We Become Actors

Welcome to Monday and a good time to talk about all of the things that have happened since Friday! We start off the show with some Beanz’ pet peeves. What is with toilet paper manufacturers lately and why the click bait headlines? And speaking of click bait, Frank and Beanz go over a Drudge headline that truly reeks of all of the propaganda we have been dealing with over the past several years.

Kyle Kashuv has been disinvited from Harvard, so Frank and Beanz take a stroll back to Friday to discuss college quickly and what it means. Then, Beanz explains a story on FBI Electronic Surveillance corruption she unearthed on Friday and goes over what happened to the whistleblower in detail.

After that, Frank and Beanz PROUDLY present a fantastic hypothetical thread walk through where Beanz is an attorney and Frank is a stumbling FBI agent. what does the government plan to do if the Roger Stone case goes to trial? It’s a little role play, if you will.

We follow our superb acting skills up with a clip of a communist city councilwoman from Denver and close out the show talking about Teen Vogue “pimping” sex work to their teen audience.

Great Monday on the Dark to Light Podcast!


Incarnated_ET’s tweet on the FBI being at the Crowdstrike hearing

Kyle Kashev on why he’s no longer attending Harvard

Converse’s Pride exploitation of kids

John Catsimatidis Jr. tweets on Denver councilwoman Candi CdeBaca wanting communal ownership of land, labor, and resources “by any means necessary.’


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