Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: A Case Of The Mondays

We definitely have a case of the Mondays today on the Dark to Light Podcast! We just jump right into it and Beanz begins by attempting to explain a very complicated story about the original Guccifer, who was the Romanian hacker who hacked into the Clinton e-mail server, Sid Blumenthal’s e-mail, and helped us to learn about the fact that HRC actually had a home brew server. He was arrested in Romania and was serving a prison sentence there when smack dab in the middle of the ongoing Clinton Email investigation here in the states, he is extradited by a US Attorney named Dana Boente, and brought here to be questioned and cop a plea deal.

While this is ongoing, we are learning about how the Russians were able to get their hands on Clinton’s missing emails because the hacker used a proxy server in Russia to hide his real location. It gets a little complicated and timelines cross but the pair attempt to explain this developing story as best as possible.

Then, we play a clip of Obama’s press secretary explaining how it was absolutely FINE that General Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador or any foreign dignitary for that matter and we discuss why this matters.

The show ends with Beanz playing a clip of Philip Defranco in a wrong spot and an explanation of why this Monday is particularly harrowing.

Catch all of the slip ups in this show for a prize and enjoy the Monday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast!


Jordan Schachtel tweets on new documents from the FBI on the missing Hillary Clinton e-mails.

Tracy Beanz tweets about an Obama press conference on January 13, 2017 about Gen. Flynn.

Tracy Beanz tweets about how the original Guccier fits into the George Papadopoulas timeline.


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