Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Konstantine Returns

We close off a jam packed week of shows with another jam packed show.

We start off by talking about the new John Solomon piece which brings us information that Frank and Beanz were asking about when the Mueller report was released. If Konstantine Kilimnic was a big bad Russian spy, why was he meeting with State Department employees after he met with Paul Manafort? Solomon’s report lays bare the fact that Kilimnic was actually a long time State Department source, with few ties to Russia and many to the Ukraine. What does this mean moving forward, and why is any sane human still using the Mueller report as justification for something more than a waste of time, tax payer dollars, and paper?

What is going on with Christopher Steele? A spokesperson of his comes forward to let the world know he will be talking to the FBI, and tries to taint the narrative by stating he was an UNPAID source. The public knows that isn’t true. What gives?

The team moves on to talk about Wikileaks. A new press release from last night talks about charges that the Justice Department is planning on piling on to Assange at the end of next week, in an attempt to extradite Julian Assange to the United States. Why won’t these charges hold up in court and what does this mean in the grand scheme of the case?

Then, we talk about a new article which shows the condition of Assange before he was moved to a medical wing of the jail where he is being held.

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Great show today, don’t miss it!


John Solomon of The Hill: Key Figure That Mueller Report Linked To Russia Was A State Department Intel Source

Fox News: Dossier Author Christopher Steele Will Be Questioned By U.S. Investigators

Margot Cleveland of The Federalist: Why The IG Report On FISA Abuse Will Unleash Barr’s Investigation Of Spygate

The Gateway Pundit: Exclusive Interview – Belmarsh Prison Inmates Provide Photos Of Julian Assange, Says The “internet Is The One Thing They Can’t Control”


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