Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Hymn Of The Republic

It’s possible that this is the second most “busy” Dark to Light episode ever! On today’s show, Frank and Tracy Beanz jump around the news and make some waves. Steven Crowder has been attacked by a gay reporter for Vox, who is trying to get his channel banned for using mean words, and in a rare victory for free speech, YouTube refuses to take down his content.

Hannity had on a liberal editor last night who spoke about the evil nature of Chik-Fil-A and dodge ball, but it’s what she states at the end that gets Frank and Beanz rolling.

The SPLC is being further exposed and is now being connected to Antifa. What happened to the person who performed the analytics that exposed this?

There’s a new CNN Poll out that ranks the support amongst democrat candidates, and since Eric Swalwell is doing so well, Frank and Beanz go for him on the second amendment.

“Donald Trump is crazy!” say certain mental health “professionals” planning to hold an event to talk about Donald Trump’s “declining mental state”, and speaking of that, Frank and Beanz do a little dig on Kesha and her new song, “Rich, White, Straight, Men.”

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Center For Security Policy: Report – SPLC Tied To Violent Antifa Organization

PJ Media: Report Shows Online Ties Linking Huff Post, The Guardian, And SPLC To Antifa

Twitter: Carlos Maza Is Sad

CNN’s Ryan Struyk tweets new CNN Poll showing Democratic nominees

Prof. Margot Cleveland’s Twitter feed regarding Bill Barr and SpyGate

Breitbart: Eric Swalwell Reiterates Pledge To Take AR-15s From Law Abiding Citizens

Washington Examiner: Democrats Plan Capitol Hill Event To Put President Trump’s Mental Health Under Fire



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