Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Feisty Friday

Welcome to “Feisty Friday” on the Dark to Light Podcast where Frank and Beanz get right into the thick of things and start the show off with a bang by talking former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie’s foundation and the recent allegations leveled at them. These caused the campaign to put out a strongly worded statement condemning deceptive fundraising practices, but was there more to it than that? Another group that Bossie runs, Citizens United, received records in a FOIA release that has blown the entire case open. Why does it appear that the FBI hid this information from Inspector General Horowitz? While we are on that topic, the pair discuss some of the history behind Horowitz and the Obama DOJ.

Next, there is some fun interspersed and we are tempted to label this portion of the show NSFW but hopefully you will make it through. Then, it is back to business with a Real Clear Investigations story about the chance that Robert Mueller used FusionGPS during the special counsel investigation and a bit of a touch on Comey and his town hall.

The show ends with a recap of some of the things Dan Bongino has been speaking about and a nice sendoff for your weekend!



Axios: Inside A Trump Advisor’s Fundraising Mirage

John Solomon of The Hill: Steele’s Stunning Pre-FISA Confession

Deputy Assistant Secretary Kavalec’s typed notes from meeting with Christopher Steele

Victoria Nuland’s Testimony

Jennie Taer of SaraCarter.com: Comey: There Should Be Severe Consequences For Strzok And Page

Real Clear Investigations: Who Were The Mueller Report’s Hired Guns?

Tracy Beanz’ Twitter Thread on Joe Digenova

Raw Notes From The State Dept.


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