Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The Report, Part II

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast! On today’s show, Frank and Tracy Beanz go over the details in Volume II of the Mueller report, on obstruction of justice. The pair talk about what the report means as a whole, but of course also go over details. Who did Hope Hicks insinuate was a leaker? What do the footnotes really mean, and why are they important? Who is spending a lot of time covering their tracks in terms of other ongoing investigations, and why do little words make a big difference?

Frank and Beanz also get into parts of the report they think are fabrications, and why they think so, and compare and contrast the recent interview with John Dowd and Byron York with the political hit job found in Mueller’s second volume.

They end the show off with some new information released about what “appeared” to be a hack, why it actually was NOT a hack, as per many professionals, and Seth Rich is brought back in to the fold because of an interesting reply to a FOIA request. The show ends with a hint of NXVIM.

We will see you on WEDNESDAY!!


Tracy’s Volume II Report thread

Coder4Liberty’s thread on “Hacking”

New information on how to test emails

Frank’s interview about NXVIM


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