Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: To Dowd Or Not To Dowd

Today is a very special day in the “Dark to Light With Frank & Beanz” universe! We want to thank all of you who have been with us this past year, and we make an exciting announcement in the beginning of the show. We really appreciate all of you.

Once all of our formalities are out of the way, we go on to analyze the John Dowd interview (Part 1 and Part 2) with Byron York, and talk more about the Special Counsel investigation and where it is headed now. We play a few clips for you in regard to the new developments in both the Mueller investigation as well as what may be turning over in the case of General Flynn. Could it be possible that the Special Counsel will also be scrutinized by Michael Horowitz, and could Stefan Halper and his role as a US Intelligence asset be more sinister than we originally imagined? Also, what part does Wikileaks have to play in all of this?

After that, we lighten things up just a little and Frank shows us just how good he is at “unredacting” and move on to the elephant in the room that is Joe Biden.

We loved having you for this episode and we will see you really soon (hint hint) on the “Dark to Light” podcast with Frank and Beanz!


Tracy Beanz’ YouTube analysis on the Byron York interview

Fox News: Justice Dept. Issues Rare Public Statement Defending Barr’s Summary of Mueller Report Findings

Fox News: Svetlana Lokhova Speaks Out To Clear Her Name

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