Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: The World Is Upside Down

Hello to our “Dark to Light” friends, and we are so happy to be back this Friday after a brief one week hiatus! We start the show off a little personal, and move on to some pressing matters.

The left is attempting to suppress an LGBT Town Hall event in NYC being held by #WalkAway, threatening the Center to cancel the event, and disparaging Brandon and his speaker panel. We talk a bit about the extreme left and the possible outcomes as they move further and further from mainstream America.

Then we get into some talk about the Special Counsel investigation closing up, and timelines and where it all goes from here. Beanz dissects briefly a few court cases she has been looking into why is Oleg Deripaska suing the Treasury department, and why is Twitter suing the Justice Department?

They close up the show with some more analysis and information on what lies in the days and months ahead, and brief all of you on some new plans for the show as we near our first full year!! Make sure to catch this weeks show!

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