Duffified Live: Raleigh Sadler of LMPGNetwork.org

Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy*Just a little warning about this week’s show: It gets very heavy at times and may cause some triggers. Don’t want anyone to be blind sided.*

Did you know that 45.8 million people are exploited globally through human trafficking? It’s a 150 BILLION dollar business. These numbers shocked me and even more than that, I was shocked to know that there are cases of this in ALL 50 states.

My conversation with Pastor Raleigh Sadler was a HUGE eye opening conversation that I hope will outrage you as well as make your skin crawl.

What can you do? Check out the website LMPGNetwork.org and look at their research.

If you see something weird, call 911 and ask for a welfare check. If you see something that makes you feel uneasy,  ASK.

We’ve all been told to “mind our own business.” Stop it. Just stop it. Quit minding your own business in regards to the 7.7 BILLION people on this earth. I want you to insert yourself and ask! Quit turning a blind eye.

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